As a creative artist, whose medium is photography, I seek to make photos that express my creative vision, just as a fine art painter would do. Sometimes, these are "photo realistic" and are an excellent representation of the original subject or scene. Other times, I might "enhance" the original image to try and express the feelings I experienced at the time the shot was taken. This technique of “creative visualization” is in the style of many of the masters of photography. 

The act of photography can be a personal spiritual process in which I am "in the flow" with a heightened awareness of my senses and environment, and the usual everyday matters are absent. This has the added benefit of creating an indelible memory that lasts decades, and upon viewing the photo can evoke the feelings present at the time the picture was taken. 

While "every picture (should) tell a story" sometimes it is simply the feelings that are created in the viewer that are the "story." I am drawn to "beauty" and my aesthetic is affected by basic elements of art: light, color, composition, pattern, and texture. The viewer's response to my photo may or may not coincide with my own interpretation, but that's fine as "all art is subjective."

My work has been juried into (and awarded at) many local, national and international shows at venues including the Cohasset South Shore Art Center, Plymouth Art Guild, North River Arts Association, Cotuit Arts Center, Scituate Arts Association, North River Audubon Society (Marshfield, MA), and the Hull Lifesaving Museum. In 2012, one of my photos, “Ted’s Red Seat,” won a contest sponsored by the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and hung at the MFA as part of the exhibition celebrating Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary. 

I hope you enjoy browsing my galleries and images and that you find something that you'd like to live with.